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Travel Light, Care Deeply with Bebimora Travel Pack

The Bebimora Travel Pack is a convenient and portable kit designed to provide essential organic baby care products for on-the-go parents. It includes travel-sized versions of organic head-to-toe wash, baby lotion, baby telon oil and baby wipes; all packaged in a cute bag.


Details Product:
  1. Head-to-Toe Wash (50 ml): A gentle, tear-free formula made with organic ingredients such as virgin coconut oil, bidara oil, saffron leaf extract and habbatussauda oil to cleanse baby’s delicate skin and hair.
  2. Baby Lotion (30 ml): A soothing and moisturizing lotion formulated with organic shea butter, virgin coconut oil and sunflower oil to hydrate and protect baby’s skin, especially for those prone to eczema.
  3. Baby Telon Oil (15 ml): A calming oil infused with organic peppermint oil, nutmeg oil, cassia oil, lemon oil, resin calamus draco, cinnamon and clove bud to help relieve baby’s discomfort from gas, colic, bloating, colds and flu.
  4. Baby Wipes (80 pcs): Soft and gentle wipes made with aloe vera extract to cleanse baby’s skin without irritation.
  5. Bag: A reusable, wipeable bag with a secure closure to keep all the products organized and easily accessible during travel. The bag allows for easy storage and keeps all the essentials together.


Why You Should Buy It?
  • Certified Organic Ingredients: Care for your baby with gentle, natural-based formulas that are free from harsh chemicals and prioritize their well-being.
  • Travel-Ready Convenience: The mini-sized, leak-proof products and wipeable bag ensure mess-free travel and comply with airline carry-on restrictions. The mini-sized products are perfect for airplane carry-on luggage and fit easily into diaper bags.
  • Head-to-Toe Essentials: The pack covers all your bases with a tear-free wash, nourishing lotion, comforting telon oil and soft wipes for easy clean-ups.
  • Newborn Gift Set: The Bebimora Travel Pack with organic essentials makes a thoughtful, ideal and perfect gift for new parents or baby showers.


This travel pack offers all the essentials for gentle and effective organic baby care while traveling. The Bebimora Travel Pack isn’t just another baby travel kit.


Order yours now!


What you will get:
  1. Head-to-Toe Wash (50 ml)
  2. Baby Lotion (30 ml)
  3. Baby Telon Oil (15 ml)
  4. Baby Wipes (80 pcs)


*Comes with a reusable bag.

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