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Yes! We have entered various branches of baby boutiques, supermarkets and grocery stores. Refer to the list of stores we put on the official Facebook @Bebimora HQ.

Yes of course! Bebimora disposable diapers are free of chlorine and harmful chemicals.

Yes of course! All Bebimora baby products are SLS, SLES, Alcohol and Paraben free.

Yes, all Bebimora baby products are formulated from natural, organic ingredients
and safe, should be suitable for all skin, especially sensitive skin, eczema and allergies

We do not use any synthetic fragrances. The fragrance of our baby care products
all sourced from natural ingredients.

Bebimora chlorine-free disposable diapers are best used 3 years from the date of manufacture.

Refer to the manufacturing date and expiration date on the product packaging. Baby Wipes are good used within 3 months after opening. This is because of the longer use of that period may cause Baby Wipes to lack moisture. Make sure Baby Wipes are tightly closed after each use.

Bebimora chlorine-free disposable diapers can last all night up to 10-12
hour. However, it depends on the amount of liquid/milk taken by the child.

The absorption rate is very fast and can absorb up to 1000 ml for the XL size.

Yes! Choosing the right size and suitable for the child plays a very important role
important Make sure your child does not wear a size that is too big or too small
causing the 2 layers of leak protection to not work as they should.

Our chlorine-free disposable diapers will stay dry and comfortable for as long as they are used
according to the recommendations given, which is the selection of the size according to the child’s weight, total
maximum liquid absorption for each size, frequency of changing disposable diapers each
3-4 hours

1. Selection of the correct and perfect size.
2. Pulling out 2 anti-leakage layers in the child’s crotch.
3. The correct position of the disposable diaper on the child’s back.
4. Make sure the disposable diaper used covers up to the middle because if at
below center, that means it’s too low and there’s room for leaks.
5. Change the child’s disposable diaper right before going to bed.
6. Keep changing disposable diapers if the child poops because disposable diapers only
absorb urine fluid and not feces. Faeces can’t be absorbed, just stay on
disposable diaper surface only. Therefore, it is advised to keep changing
new disposable diapers.

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